You will receive a quotation immediately. After office hours, for urgent requests, please contact us by phone.

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We cannot respond to requests made by individuals.

Time critical quote particularities

Time critical quotation is used in urgency.context Companies wishing to use a reliable door-to-door delivery for their goods are under « Intense time pressure ». The most important thing for these shippers is to know that their request will be processed without delay and the right mix: rate/availability of the solution will be given to them immediately.

At each request, an HK specialist is able, 24/7 to solve this equation.

In what timescales is HK committed to giving you a quotation price?

Most of the time, it is immediately, during office hours, just fill out the form available on HK Courses website to get an answer within minutes. Out of office hours, or if the need is critical and does not allow to risk some precious minutes, you should call +33 (0)3 89 36 9000 to immediately get the price/availability mix.

Why do I get a different quotation depending on when I call?

Because in Time Critical Solutions, custom-made discount rate matters and available means validation in the necessary time and its ability to deliver safe and sound goods entrusted.

The operator shall verify elements such as driver's kilometers of approach, exact technical characteristics (in particular length, width, height, payload) of light vehicles,,pick-up truck, or LGVs required. Driver's ability to carry out the mission without risk and comply with applicable legislation to driving and rest periods.

In need of a quotation for a shuttle or distribution tour?

In this case, it is necessary to contact directly with the commercial service, technical-sales specialist will then contact with you and define, according to your expectations and your request, a specification allowing us to build the best solution for custom-made transportation to meet your expectations: days and hours of delivery, transit time, type of vehicle, recommended route, respect for delivery times, possible resumption of packaging,…

Why a quick quote for Time critical in 24, 48 or 72 hours?

It is common to have requests for quotation about an immediate shipment of Time Critical Solutions, in quick delivery, that means, without breaking any load, packages, pallets or cartons.

It is just as common to have a request for quotation to load in 24 hours a day, 48 hours, or sometimes even later goods that will only be ready from a specific date and time and load and deliver them from that moment. These goods can come out of customs clearance, a cycle of measurement, machining, galvanizing, preparation, or only manufacturing. It is then more accessible for HK Courses operation to find the best solution at the most adjusted price possible, according to express quotation constraints.