For the major players in building trade and public works, from large international groups to national companies and those in the building trade, HK Courses offers an exclusive range of services, from urgent transport by HGV to the provision of shuttles adapted to the requirements of these clients on the construction sites of these projects in the building sector.

The responsiveness of HK's transport specialists ensures a door-to-door pick-up and delivery of goods over any distance, in France and abroad, which are fundamental to the continuity of construction sites. A quotation and a tailored transport solution are offered on a simple call, and the express delivery is triggered once the quotation has been accepted.

The safety of people and goods as well as respect for respect for the environment, by using recent equipment and by training our drivers to respect the legislation in force, enable us to ensure optimal quality of service.

The precision of our monitoring of delivery means, with a telephone hotline between our customers, the consignee, and our drivers, enables us to find the correct receiver for these deliveries, including for express and time critical solutions to large sites, by respecting precise delivery schedules.

A protocol for the collection of goods can be drawn up, particularly with HK means of transport, including the taking of photographs, the delegation of responsibility for the equipment or goods collected or, if necessary, returned.

A GPS location point is sufficient to deliver the expected material, whether by van, rigid vehicle or articulated lorry, to the right place and following the delivery requirements. However, the street name signs have not yet been installed.

Regular customers in HK requiring express transport in the construction industry, mainly for express deliveries to construction sites

  • Structural works companies, civil engineering companies and public works companies, including international, national, and regional companies.
  • Companies operating in the finishing works, such as carpenters, joiners, roofers, bricklayers, painters, electricians, plumbers, heating and ventilation engineering companies, as well as their subcontractors or suppliers.
  • Equipment rental companies, wishing to provide a fast and quality goods transport service, instead of managing the required means of transport. An increasing number of their customers want to have this equipment available on-site to focus on the construction site rather than on delivering or returning goods.
  • The sample analysis companies are regular customers of HK Courses. It is generally a light vehicle that carries these samples directly to the analysis laboratory, if necessary, with regular shuttles to other construction sites.
  • HK Courses also works for shippers of materials used (tiles, insulation, heaters, etc.) on construction sites, whether they are direct factories, or intermediaries, who may be wholesalers or traders wishing to control the quality of their product, including transport.
  • Do-it-yourself superstores regularly have transport needs, whether tailor-made or express and time critical solutions, depending on hazards and constraints. That may concern, for example, shipment quality or delays in production or vehicle availability, whether by freight commission agents or by companies operating vehicle fleets.

Different express transport services in the building and construction industry

HK is dedicated to meeting the varied requirements of professionals in the construction industry. The complexity of these construction sites, where urgent and express deliveries of materials are expected, and the financial sums involved are sometimes colossal. Therefore, manufacturers in the construction sector call on the dedicated express and time critical solutions, HK Courses. The cost of stopping or even just slowing down a project makes the immediate execution of some critical transport related to these construction sites.

The most common cases are the following:

The transport of spare parts and maintenance: the equipment is complex and expensive; it must operate at high intensity in harsh environments ... in case of failure, the pieces can come from far away and arrive as soon as possible.

HK Courses provides immediate transport of the part and its delivery to the designated place at the best possible cost. These transports, delivered directly to the site in adapted vehicles, potentially with a tailboard, ensure rapid repair and continuation of the work.

The transport of samples: soil, liquids, gases, or others, taken on-site for analysis for direct transport to the appropriate analytical laboratory. Environmental constraints are constantly increasing on construction sites, and there is no way to risk pollution or contamination.

HK Courses makes available in spot or organised and regularly scheduled shuttles, adapted means, generally light vehicles, guaranteeing the integrity of the samples, their rapid collection and delivery to the appropriate destination in the shortest possible time. The drivers, working for our regular subcontractors or employed by HK, are trained for the ADR transport of hazardous materials.

The transport of materials, carpentry, various materials, and equipment, including air-conditioning and heating equipment, can be transported by HK. Depending on production, transport and sometimes operational failures, these materials must be transported in express and time critical solutions to ensure the continuation of the construction site. HK manages the rapid collection of the goods or equipment involved, their transport without any break in the load, and the appointment of the various specialist construction companies and construction industry involved in these construction sites. Indeed, apart from the speed of delivery, it is often necessary to provide handling equipment for unloading or teams to unload or install this equipment on arrival, and delays are sometimes a source of high additional costs.

Express and time critical solutions for the construction sector in HGVs

Materials, carpentry, other equipment: These goods require dedicated transport by HGV; HK ensures the rapid collection of the goods or equipment involved, fast delivery, and on-site appointments. Building companies working on construction sites all require tailor-made and sometimes express transport, from the site manager to the subcontractor carpenter and finally to the general foreman.

As with express and time critical solutions, there is often a need for off-loading handling facilities or teams to off-load or install such equipment on arrival. The organisation of HGVs can be done in “time critical” mode or in “standard” mode where sensitivity to transport costs is considerably more significant, and there is some flexibility on the collection date or advance notice.

Express and time critical solutions for the construction sites, such as shuttles/dedicated means

The transport of samples: soil, liquids, gases or others, taken on-site for analysis for express and secure transport to the appropriate analytical laboratory.

HK Courses makes available within the context of organised and in regularly scheduled shuttles, adapted means, generally light vehicles, guaranteeing the integrity of the samples, their rapid collection at the agreed days and times and delivery at appropriate destination in the shortest possible time.

Rental equipment: our customers include rental companies for whom we offer transport services with adapted equipment and drivers trained in handling.