Every day, HK transports materials, samples, and various materials on behalf of building and construction industry professionals. HK provides the perfect solution for transporting any goods to the consignee in record time and at the fairest cost. On-time delivery is particularly critical for activities in which specialist teams of plumbers, electricians, roofers, heating engineers, bricklayers, etc. could be at a standstill without appropriate materials and equipment.

Secure transport of bulky materials and equipment for the building industry

Secure transport, i.e. a transport solution in which shippers hand their shipments over to men and women, identified and dedicated specialists, reachable 24/7 rather than to a transport company managed by "the system" and determined by an algorithm. An algorithm which determines transport means, the "perfect" road, without taking into account variables road conditions, deviation, time count or language spoken by the driver. On specific sensitive sites, there are administrative, access and security procedures (CNI, number plate, specific PPE, COVID-19 procedures) to be known and respected; this is part of HK service.

Transported goods, from insulation to tunnelling equipment, from air-conditioning equipment to tiles, are generally packed in full lorries, which may come from exceptionally far away, complicating road hazards risks.

Depending on the difficulty and the delivery critical aspect, HK COURSES may provide specifically French vehicles for some of these missions. Delivery contact is typically the site manager, the project manager, a works manager, or overseer identified in advance, the driver will have his/her name and contact details, and he/she will receive the goods directly.

These deliveries critical nature: the means to be put in place on arrival and for unloading may include expensive lifting equipment (cranes), or large teams of people, and the distance to the loading point adds a degree of complexity that may be significant. It is the reason why it is mandatory to make a distinction between conventional and customised secure transport.


Long-distance semi-trailer with an imperative delivery slot

Our client, specialising in large-scale construction projects, is working on Grand Paris construction site in metro tunnels drilling.

Constraint: supplies a semi-trailer at D+ I before 2:00 a.m

Particularity: Delivery on a titanic multi-site construction site

Goods are to be removed in Germany from the world leader in tunneling machine construction

Our solution

  • Arranging a complete solution with semi-trailer vehicle and French driver
  • The driver arrives directly at the right place at 9:00 a.m
  • Once the uploading is done, our customer receives goods before 12:00 a.m as appointed

Secure transport of small equipment or accessories, essential for the construction site continuation

These deliveries critical nature: the smooth running of door-to-door transport of these materials or accessories is critical in construction site smooth running, since without them, the building site may partially stop, or an associated task cannot be carried out.

It may include the delivery of a joinery element, a piping element, or special tools, but also an electrical or plumbing component that is defective or merely unordered.

More and more users and building companies rent out their equipment to specialists, but do not desire to lose working time, nor take the health risk to pick up / return the rented equipment. On a simple call, HK accompanies them in the tailor-made transport of this equipment, ensuring delivery by dedicated means, door to door, within the promised time and without breaking the load with the monitoring pledged at the beginning of the transport.


Express delivery on-site in a 20mvehicle

To ensure construction site continuity, our customer, located in French department 67, needs to ship a drilling auger to Saint-Denis in the department 93.

Goods are ready at 06:00 a.m and must be delivered to the construction site by 08:00 a.m the next day. A technician will take delivery of goods

  • Auger 3,5m x 0,5m 800kgs - side loading

Our solution

  • Adapted vehicle placing
  • Agreed price with our customer for time critical dedicated shipments
  • Goods loading within 60 minutes
  • Delivery to the construction site on schedule
  • Receive and signature of the technician

Time critical and secure transport of spare parts and maintenance parts

These deliveries critical nature: in these high-intensity construction sites sometimes operating 24/7, the total and permanent availability of technical means is essential. The operational and financial consequences of crane unavailability or other major equipment may have effects running into thousands of euros.

HK COURSES operators availability and professionalism, associated with the means density and reactivity (own or outsourced) used, enables to unblocked the situation and the missing part to be delivered in a few hours, and this on a simple call, 24/7 and 24 hours a day.

Many companies in the building sector, and construction professionals in particular for large, highly complex construction sites, work with HK, an express and time critical solution known for its reactivity, transport security and reliability in the execution of the transport missions it is entrusted. HK is also highly qualified to handle hazardous materials, as dedicated means used to enable extreme flexibility.

This activity is a variation for the construction industry explained in detail in the section "Spare parts" of the French website of HK.

Samples of express time critical solutions to contribute to construction sites/construction activity security

Daily sampling is carried out on the ground, in the air and in the materials to which the teams are exposed to ensure people safety on construction sites.

These samples express transport to the appropriate analysis laboratory is essential so that the professional actors present on these construction activity building sites can make sure that the building site can continue in the strictest compliance with the safety regulations in force. These can be solid samples, generally to detect asbestos or pollutant traces, whether organic or inorganic; as well as air or water samples, also to detect substances that may present a danger to the building company employees present on site.

Sometimes these samples are handled by the company experts carrying out these tests. Still, for the distance between these tests and the laboratories practical reasons, or only for geographical reasons, HK COURSES regularly intervenes in these samples express and secure transport.

For some of these customers, such as in the example shown below, HK guarantees regular shuttles daily for the construction site entire duration. It ensures reliability and continuity throughout the requirement duration; the customer only must concentrate on his/her core business, HK's management and logistics take care of the rest.

HK consequently participates in these samples traceability chain and ensures their express delivery, especially to dedicated laboratories, wherever they are in France or abroad.


Case 1: Express

To carry out his analyses in the laboratory, our customer needs to transport daily asbestos samples from a construction site where he takes samples every day.

There is a fixed time for removal. Goods are delivered immediately at an agree point with our customer.

  • sample - package 1 kgs

Our solution

  • a competitive adapted solution in response to the customer's needs
  • An agree annual price
  • A dedicated vehicle daily placement.
  • Please contact our driver with the sender's contact person.
  • A notice period in the event of cancellation is agreed with the customer.