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Time Critical and Express Solutions leader in Alsace
HK Courses, leader in Mulhouse, Strasbourg and Phalsbourg, for 25 years

It is in the heart of Alsace that was born HK Courses in 1994, it quickly focused on the setting up of an Time Critical Solutions company activity from Phalsbourg, Alsace. This activity develops a cab parcel mode: with imperatives for time critical deliveries in dedicated means.

Based on a very dynamic regional industrial fabric, HK Courses was able to consolidate its presence from Moselle (Phalsbourg) to Upper Rhine (Mulhouse). Operations are carried out in cooperation with local historical partners, with own resources, and also through means of foreign partners, when possible, to ensure time critical delivery of goods in short and guaranteed time frames at a competitive cost.

Alsace region, Grand Est: a bastion of industry in France that is doing well

Local environment is very favorable for transportation and logistics providers in France, many companies that have become leaders in this market were founded there. This is due to this region dynamism , the 2nd largest industrial region outside Ile-de-France region, specializing in manufacturing, energy and food processing.

Cities dynamism such as Strasbourg, capital of European Union, has favored local industries sustainability and growth, as well as Germany proximity. Mulhouse benefits from Switzerland and Germany combined proximity, and of course Bale international airport’s, an airport around which needs of transportation, logistics, supply, time critical delivery are strong.

Among industrial activities strongly implemented regionally, requiring very regularly HK Time Critical Solutions, one can quote: aeronautics, automotive, general mechanical, railway mechanics, all organized in 6 strategic competitiveness clusters, under ICC Grand Est aegis.

HK Courses, multi-purpose multi-sector actor

It is in East that the range of services offered by HK is the most complete. Core offer lies in time critical solutions for goods and parcels. Operators relayed 24/7 in order to offer an Instant quote, a dedicated solution on simple call, and real-time tracking of shipments at all distances.

HK also makes available to its customers a warehouse of 1000m2 ideally positioned on A4 motorway north of Strasbourg (Phalsbourg), for any temporary Warehousing, consolidation of goods of picking and other activities. The warehouse equipped with palletized has a pit, means of handling adapted to cover most of logistical needs at local level

Regular commuter frequencies production is a specialty of HK Courses in Alsace, in activity sectors such as: pharmacy, industry, automotive and aeronautics. These transporters can be point-to-point, round-trip links, in return trips, or delivery routes for the pharmaceutical industry. Clean transportation (vans, 20m3, light vehicles and LGVs) allow us to ensure all types of distribution, including directed temperature.

Luxury and prestige vehicles transportations still a special know-how of HK Courses. We have the privilege of transporting all the cars of the Bugatti brand coming out of the factory of Molsheim. The specific training followed by our drivers, the dedicated vehicles and trailers in place, as well as specific insurance guarantees allow us to ensure this service especially sewn together.

A transportation commission service reinforces these skills to be able, if necessary, to offer, at the time of quotation, a range of solutions with services and rates adapted to our customers. Whatever the choice and the final destination, custom-made transportation will be done in complete safety while respecting the required delivery times.