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HK Courses, Time Critical and Express Solutions, a strong presence in Rhône Alpes

HK Courses is active in Rhône Alpes region, especially around the agglomeration of Lyon: numerous express and time critical solutions are carried out each week, either in point of origin or in point of delivery, here as elsewhere in France, requirements for delivery and removal are respected. Our local partners, as well as our international service providers are capable of handling all types of goods, from parcel cabs to 20m3 vans, within very short deadlines.

Lyon: second economic hub of France, a particularly dynamic region

Economic environment is rich and diverse, in particular in fields of Life Sciences, Industry, Tertiary, Smart City, or Digital. Lyon is placed in the top 20 of the richest cities in Europe, there are many universities, a formed population and an exceptional living environment, located near Alps, but also southern France beaches . No wonder Lyon is at the pole-position of the most attractive French cities of more than 500.000 inhabitants.

Industry still occupies a prominent place in Lyon, with many leading companies that operate dynamic entities in industries such as mechanical, with in particular Renault Trucks, Vénissieux, Bourg en Bresse, SEB group in Ecully, BOSCH, all these manufacturers are consumers of Time critical solutions. There are also companies in aviation industry, including HK Courses customers. Key cities of the agglomeration of Saint Priest, Bron, Dardilly, Caluire, Vaulx en Velin, are familiar localities to HK Courses operators.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industries, are highly present in Lyon region

Chemistry is particularly well represented in southern Lyon, on a territory called Chile Valley, spread over the communes of Pierre Bénite, Saint Fons, Feyzin and Solaize. This specialization is due to textile industries presence, with a predominance of silk work. Nowadays active performance companies such as Arkema, Daïkin, Rhodia, Air Liquide, Total, Institut Français du Pétrole, CNRS are world-renowned industrial flagships. Transportation needs concern products packaged in bulk, traveling by boat and train, but there are many specific needs for Time Critical Solutions, especially in ADR classification.

Pharmacy and health care industry is also well present in Lyon, with leading global companies such as Sanofi Pasteur, Merial, Bio Merieux, Bayer, Boiron, including HK Courses in Time Critical Solutions and shuttles.

HK Time critical Solutions

Our transportation solution « Time Critical parcel cab » Is road fastest transportation solution. A vehicle adapted to your packing and loading constraints is set up as soon as possible on the site of your choice, in France and in Europe. We work with you as well as your suppliers. Immediate delivery, and without load breaking.

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