HK is specialized in all Trades of Time Critical Solutions. Together we analyze your needs and set up an optimal transportation plan, to deliver and collect your goods according to your cost, time and security requirements.

Technical aspects

Regular tours characteristics

  • Planned schedules that can be adjusted according to your needs until the day before the flow is executed
  • Daily or weekly
  • We will take into account the time constraints of each of the collection and delivery sites
  • Day and night, 365 days a year according to your needs
  • From light vehicle to heavy duty
  • Parcel up to a few pallets
  • Geographical coverage: Regional, National

Our vehicles for your tours

  • Vehicle van, tarred, refrigerated, ADR…
  • Fleet renewed regularly and under manufacturer warranty
  • We can mark our vehicles with your colors

A specific need? Select one or more options

  • Hatchback
  • Vehicle sealing
  • Localization
  • Vehicle customization (marking your visual identity)
  • Specific Layout
  • Vehicle type change based on your activity volume
  • Specific insurance (ad valorem, value overrun ...)

Our drivers

  • Our drivers will have the necessary certification to your needs: ADR, directed temperature, certified sensitive sites
  • Specific driver training before implementation
  • Titular and substitute drivers

Tracking and reporting on your regular tours

  • Tracking key performance indicators defined with you:
    • HK agrees to notify you immediately of the variations between the planned service and the service carried out (damaged or missing package, delay ...)
    • Number of km by route
    • Number of shipments or collections by route
    • Number of hours worked per tour
    • Weekly or monthly budget for transportation costs in relation to your objectives
    • ...
  • We will be at the initiative of ideas to improve service level and cost
  • Monitoring and correction of deviations from your specifications
  • This service also benefits from our 24/7 monitoring.

Regular tours: your guarantees

  • HK ensures observance of established schedules
  • HK engages in customer-specific compliance
  • HK agrees on compliance with road regulations and transportation
  • Commodity Insurance standard and ad valorem on request

The Benefits of Regular Tours

  • A dedicated chat partner
  • Innovative and customized logistics advice and studies
  • Custom Benefit
  • Adapted rates
  • Regular balance sheet with your HK representative
  • Permanence 24 hours a day


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