HK: an Time critical company across France

HK Courses operate across France, on national and international transportation, from and to any region. The regions on which HK operates are located around the 4 historic sites that are Pau, ParisGrand Est. Flows are sometimes pushed: the customer sends parcels or pallets, usually to a customer, but perhaps to a warehouse, sometimes pulled: HK is responsible for transporting these goods to this customer’s site.

A local solution available immediately

Our network of local carrier partners, operating under the French flag, as well as the many foreign partners present at all times through the hexagon, allow us to propose competitive solutions, especially on the regions of Lille and Lyon.

The two cab type services in HK

The first type of time critical delivery parcel service by cab parcel coming first to mind is the immediate provision of a means within minutes following the phone call of a customer in need. This customized service is organized by our experts on simple call. The proposed cost depends on the circumstances of the moment, the time of the call, the type of vehicle required and of course the distance to be carried out. Parcel delivery by cab available is in general a 1 to T5 Type vehicle. Our customers have an immediate challenge that cannot be managed by alternative solutions of type grouping, partial lots or messenger, thanks to HK the factory will avoid stopping machines, the plane will be able to set off again, the production chain avoid stop for failure to supply,… This type of transportation success key and the satisfaction of our customers is the ability to find the best solution able to take charge of goods immediately, hence the need to have a dense network of reliable partners throughout France and Europe.

The second is a parcel delivery by cab of time delivery type programmed, the customer usually has more time to plan and organize this type of Time Critical Solutions: he knows goods availability time, and can join HK by email or phone. HK transportation specialist which takes charge of this quotation will then have to understand in detail the constraints, the needs, the size, the weight and volume of goods, the customs, the handling and the securing requirements to be put in place. Then it will propose one or more solutions, to allow the charger to optimize its costs according to the exact nature of its constraints. It is the same specialist who in general will launch the mission and follow it from end to end, while providing all the tracking information of goods required by the customer.

Immediate, quality, all-distance service on a single call

Our experienced specialists are at your disposal 24/7, and can, on a simple phone call, elaborate a competitive free estimate for a customized transportation of goods that will be carried out according to your requirements. Your parcels shipments and Time Critical goods are routed throughout France and Europe in complete safety and within a guaranteed time, under the responsibility of your HK interlocutor.




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