Some goods, due to their perishable nature (foodstuffs, flowers, plants…) or weakened by large T variations° ) pharmaceutical or chemical products) … require a transportation complying with the instructions of T°. Discover HK Courses Trades!

These products must be consistently maintained:

  • in negative cold (frozen)
  • in positive cold (refrigerated)
  • in positive T° (heated)

Control of "cold chain" during transportation, in accordance with current standards of hygiene, guarantees food safety, as well as the integrity of the products transported and their intrinsic qualities.

Together we analyze your needs and develop your specifications in order to put in place an optimal transportation plan that best meets your cost, time and security requirements.


Depending on your needs, a specialist contact:

  • Advise you on the respect of cold chain.
  • will offer you transportation solutions adapted to the preservation of your products.

Technical aspects

Directed Temperature Characteristics

  • From package to full lot
  • From light vehicle to heavy truck
  • Direct or agreed-time delivery
  • Day and night, 365 days a year as required
  • For your supplies like your shipments
  • Mono and Multi-Destinations
  • Geographical coverage: From all over Europe, to all destinations (regional, national, international)

A specific need? Select one or more options

  • Hatchback
  • Vehicle sealing
  • Localization
  • Ad valorem Specific Assurance
  • Custom Formalities
  • T° Recorder or Disposable T° Indicators)
  • Provision of specific packaging

Tracking and reporting of your controlled temperature

  • Real-time tracking of key steps in each transportation:
    • Removal
    • Delivery
    • Delivery and Mission Completion
  • Feedback on temperature traceability.

Controlled temperature : your guarantees

  • Drivers specifically trained in the use of the equipment, the directed temperature transportation instructions and the particularities of the products transported.
  • Vehicles equipped with regularly controlled measuring devices.
  • Standard goods insurance up to 275.000 €
  • Respect for cold chain.

The benefits of the Regular Shuttle

  • Dedicated contact,
  • Custom Benefit,
  • Health security respected.


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