Your requests are attended 24/7.

Immediately our services, thanks to an exclusive management system, analyze, coordinate and organize the best selected logistic solution, so your operation takes place in the best successful conditions and your imperatives entirely satisfied.

HK is a well-known specialist in Time Critical road transportation. Our experienced specialists are at your disposal 24/7, and can, on a simple phone call, elaborate a competitive free estimate for a customized transportation that will be carried out according to your requirements. During these on-call duties, in addition to real-time tracking of the proper execution of a transportation in progress, our experts are able to confirm an estimate, including a weekend in the middle of the night, at 2:00 a.m., and to position a vehicle for loading, often in less than 60 minutes after confirmation of the mission.

A dedicated team for a hand-stitched door-to-door Express & Time Critical Solutions

In Time Critical Solutions, the major stake is collection and delivery time respect carried out without break of load in dedicated resources. Your time critical parcel will be loaded by a driver who will carry out the door-to-door delivery, he will ensure service quality, for any type of goods shipped in any type of adapted vehicle, from light vehicles to heavy trucks.

Options are also available, such as Hazardous Materials transportation, hatchback requirement, specific means may be required for stowage or securing with specific protective means (wedges, straps, foam, specialized boxes, etc.) of the entrusted goods.

Technical aspects

Time Critical Solutions Characteristics

  • Direct or agreed-time delivery
  • Day and night, 365 days a year according to your needs
  • From light vehicle to heavy truck, plane or helicopter
  • From envelope to full lot
  • For your supplies like your shipments
  • Geographical coverage:
    • From all over Europe, to all destinations (regional, national, international)
  • Maximum flexibility :
    • Vehicle modification at any time
    • Change of time and/or place of loading and/or delivery
    • Non-Scheduled Goods Support, etc.

Our vehicles available for your Hazardous Materials transportation

  • Van, tarpaulin, fridge, ADR, ...
  • Fleet renewed regularly and under manufacturer warranty

A specific need? Select one or more options

  • Hatchback
  • Double crew
  • Vehicle sealing
  • Localization
  • Custom Formalities
  • Ad valorem Specific Assurance

Your Controlled Temperature monitoring and reporting

  • Real-time systematic confirmation (fax, e-mail, etc.) of each mission's key stages:
    • Removal
    • Delivery
    • Delivery and Mission Completion
  • Exclusive operating system allowing to immediately identify and compensate
    for delays and unforeseen events occurring during 1 mission and to inform you about them.
  • Client web access (data entry, tracking, history, detailed statistics, location)

Time Critical Solutions and Secure Transportation: your guarantees

  • HK ensures observance of fixed schedules
  • Security : No load breakage or bundling
  • Standard good insurance up to 275.000 €
  • Your shipments confidentiality

Hazardous Materials Transportation Benefits

  • Instant quote
  • A dedicated chat partner
  • Permanence 24 hours a day
  • Polyglot Teams
  • Custom Benefit
  • European network of + 500 partners
  • Time, flexibility and maximum security

Monitoring: Time Critical Solutions key to specialist know-how

Your shipment customized monitoring will be ensured by your unique HK interlocutor, with real time information, provided by phone, and by vehicle localization. We will be able, according to our customers requirements, to inform the right people in real time by phone, email or text message. At the destination point, regardless of delivery place in Europe, you are immediately informed of the precise time at which the race ends, as well as the name and position of the person who received the shipment, any reservations and transportation document copy issued can if necessary and on request reach you immediately.

Choosing a Time critical company rather than a messenger...

Stakes faced by our customers are high, as in the case of a risk of production line stoppage, maintenance, or industrial or aeronautical repairs, … with consequences that can amount to thousands of euros in the event of late delivery.

The choice of Time Critical Solutions follows the same logic as a parcels or packages delivery by scooter courier, bicycle or parcel cab in large urban centers such as Paris, and beyond Ile de France or Alsace, Strasbourg, Phalsbourg, Mulhouse, and Pau in the Sud-Ouest. Just as in Lyon and Lille area where HK Courses also operates Time critical over all distances for many years thanks to experienced and reliable subcontractors.

The race choice is essential compared to traditional express courier services because of the very great reactivity in speed collection, from transportation in the tread and thus without load rupture; in traceability load, by goods positions customized monitoring, sender customized identification, and the consignee. With a dedicated means, it is impossible to forget a parcel or a pallet on the transshipment dock, to damage it during a load breakage, …

Small, agile, reliable, flexible and fast vehicles from the parcel cab to LGVs.

In terms of the restrictions imposed on conventional heavy transportation means such as trucks, legislation is generally much more flexible with light vehicle/package cab type means, or vans used mostly for Time Critical Solutions. In addition, the permitted driving speeds are higher, which shortens the delivery time. However, as far as legislation on driving time and rest periods for drivers is concerned, contrary to common preconception, regulations are the same for everyone, which sometimes requires the use of double crews for long distances, particularly in international Time Critical Solutions.


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