Goods Chartering Services: HK Courses difference

In Europe there are thousands of road haulage companies and hundreds of thousands of goods transportation vehicles. Each carrier has its strengths, its axes of specialty: trades, countries, types of vehicles (from light vehicles to the trailer truck); short area means for vehicles able to make long distances.

Our Trade and passion are to know these means of production, the imbalances, follow them daily, and make out customer benefit by offering them the best service at the best cost, with the quality and thoroughness HK monitoring.

We are able to commit ourselves to fixed costs throughout the year by taking advantage of our ability to manage difficult times thanks to our regular volumes.
We are also able to give you market prices at once, allowing us to always find the solution.

Technical aspects

Chartering Services characteristics

  • Heavy truck
  • During non-restricted days and traffic prohibition
  • Mono/Multi Destination
  • Geographical coverage: France and Europe, CEEC, Scandinavia

A specific need? Select one or more options

  • Each mission key steps monitoring:
    • Removal
    • Transit
    • Delivery
  • Custom Formalities
  • Marine/Air chartering services
  • Ad valorem insurance on request
  • Client web access (data entry, tracking, history, detailed statistics)

Chartering Services: your guarantees

  • Standard Commodity Insurance up to 275.000 €
  • Payment Warranty for our suppliers

The Benefits of Chartering Services

  • A dedicated chat partner
  • Service from 08:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M NON-STOP
  • Polyglot Teams


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