Designing and optimizing time critical logistics flows for one-off or recurring needs..

At HK we adapt our logistics to the customer's request and the type of delivery. The mastery of our logistics flows allows us to configure them in real time, to select only the necessary and sufficient means to carry out the tasks entrusted to us.

A complete range of benefits is proposed to you, so that we define together the one best suited to your time, cost, and security requirements.

Our trades

  • Urgent transport

    Urgent transport

    HK, your emergency metronome

    • A dedicated team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • A quote in a few minutes
    • Loading in less than 1 hour, including at night
    • Real-time monitoring

    In France and Europe

  • Regular shuttle

    Regular shuttle

    HK, the serenity of a controlled delivery

    • 24-hour pick-up and delivery
    • Planned schedules, daily, weekly or monthly
    • On one or more destinations
    • From the envelope to the pallet batch

    In France and Europe

  • Chartering Services

    Chartering Services

    HK, the flexibility of a secure transport

    • In full or partial lots
    • On one or more destinations
    • Multilingual teams
    • Information at the time of collection and delivery

    En France et en Europe

  • Dedicated distribution

    Dedicated distribution

    HK, a precise and resolutely tailor-made logistics

    • A vehicle dedicated to your goods
    • Delivery to your home, beyond your doorstep 
    • Without load break, dock passage, consolidation
    • Real-time monitoring

    En France et en Europe

  • Prestige vehicles transportation

    Prestige vehicles transportation

    HK, a top-of-the-range service for your exceptional goods

    • Capacity of one trailer per vehicle
    • Organization of the consolidation of cars, with non-dedicated means
    • A White Glove Service

    En France et en Europe

  • Warehousing and Logistics

    Warehousing and Logistics

    We put at your disposal our infrastructures and means to offer you a competitive Warehousing cost by proposing to you the supply, the picking and the distribution of these goods at the beginning of our warehouse.

  • Time Critical Solutions

    Time Critical Solutions

    Immediate availability of a means within minutes of a phone call from a customer in need.

All these trades are combined with different options


More-info about HK, we invite you to also consult our Business linesGroup overview and ourExpress & Time Critical Solutions agencies.