At HK, there are values ...
... with actions that bring them to live! Every day.


Testimony of Alexandra, operator and security advisor for 9 years at HK.

For the past few years, Alexandra GABEL has been responsible for purchasing from a manufacturer of wooden terraces with a national dimension, who did not know HK.

As soon as she can (and also to keep in touch with her former colleagues whom she likes), she entrusts a maximum of transportation to HK because:

  • She knows that transportation will be followed.
  • She knows that the company is serious, and knows the involvement of the HK staff to find solutions and ensure in the event of a problem.
  • She knows how it goes from inside, so doesn't have any doubts, no stress ... So she sleeps like a baby!


  • A precise and complete summary of the entire delivery is systematically sent to the customer (with all the elements necessary for proper realization transportation).
  • The receiver's name is always known and sent.
  • In the slightest dispute the driver remains on the spot until the solution identification.
  • Real-time information for non-compliance during transportation.


  • The regulatory and legislative framework is respected in the letter.
  • Parity Male/Female (in HK, almost as many men as women!).
  • The order summary must always be validated by the client (double check).