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The structure provides a dedicated and Time Critical Solutions service, by immediately making a quotation and ensuring proper execution entrusted transportation. Your express freight is in good hands, whatever the distance. Our local partners, as well as our international service providers are capable of handling all types of goods, from parcel cabs to 20m3 vans, within very short deadlines.

The region of South-West is marked by a strong borrowing from the aeronautics industry, carried out by the success of AIRBUS, DASSAULT, SAFRAN, DAHER, and many companies have established or developed and adapted to supply goods and equipment to these global companies. .Beyond the major urban and economic centers of the South-West that are Toulouse, or Bordeaux, but also Agen, Pau, Bayonne and Carcassonne, these companies are scattered all over the territory, providing HK Courses with very many opportunities to provide a turnkey service of Time critical and strong shuttles useful for these companies which are permanently led to work with each other.

OEMs for civil and military airplanes and helicopters are located in the immediate vicinity of the sector's giants. The production volumes so insured allow them to offer the high tech products on the shelf around the world.

The oil sector is highly developed thanks to the location of Total's headquarters. Lacq-Orthez's business areas are home to several companies specializing in petroleum, chemical or industrial products such as Arkema, Fives Nordon, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe and many others. The responsiveness and reliability of the logistics partners is an undeniable competitive advantage in often critical industrial contexts.

Food-processing industry is highly represented in this region, whether in widely known areas of the general public, such as wines and spirits and foie gras, but also with world leaders in more specialized companies, such as EURALIS, Bonduelle, Maisadour, Lindt, Soparind Bongrain and others. Many of them are positioned on a high-end segment. Time critical Solutions meets the customers requirements who appreciate the premium service.

The advantageous geographical position bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range gives rise to authentic and disparate lifestyles. These strong temperaments are capitalized in clothing and textile brands such as QuickSilver, South-Ouest, Jean-Vier Maison, Maison Lartigue, French Beret, Adishatz and others. Working on just-in-time supply and delivery, manufacturers depend on production and transportation lead times to meet their customers' orders and commitments.

HK operators are able, 24/7, to give a free and Instant quote for any Express & Time Critical Solutions service. Once the estimate is validated by the customer, the mission is entrusted to the best local service provider, capable of offering the service at the best cost, whether it is a foreign or French means, from cab parcel to load-bearing, HK driver or local partner.